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Comodo Chromium Secure Free Download

Comodo Chromium Secure Free Download

The Comodo Chromium Secure has a very simple look and user-friendly involving the Chromium-based browser with added security component that allows you to protect your computer against the dangers of the web. Compared with other browsers, Chrome Safe focusing a lot on security issues, because it comes with a few extensions that try and keep malware at bay.

For example, Comodo Chromium Secure browser actually has PrivDog, an extension which prevents the sites you visit through tracking your hobby, while Verizon Net Inspector conduct a comprehensive examination of the current website is actual accessible to detect if present in any good internet blacklist.

Additionally, you can share the most interesting pages of people tripping on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or facebook and myspace you choose by way of a built-in addon. A browser that is honest and safe for beginners and experts alike

Given the common interface, users with very little computer skills can still reap the benefits of functions involving Comodo Chromium Secure Share Web Services, while professionals can customize the actual integrated extensions related to leveraged security.