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Norton AntiVirus 2014 Free Download

Norton AntiVirus 2014 Free Download

Norton AntiVirus 2014 Free Download
Norton AntiVirus 

Norton AntiVirus 2014 is one of the antivirus protect against viruses and spyware that allows the safe use of the Internet. 

The latest version will find social networking security features - a new solution to protect users from internet site of the attack and also the type of fraud scams, such as the use of force (likejacking) or messages, messages, and notifications that contain destructive "I enjoyed it!" code. 

The Norton AntiVirus offers five layers of defense complex, better protection of the social networking features to push back the attack of fraud, and improving operating functions in the cloud, while the location of the new standard for performance and defense. This package has compatibility with Windows 8 and it contains is designed to improve the speed and security than Windows Defender security software in the system. 

Another novelty is warned of fraud - features pre antyscam warn of potentially dangerous web pages are quite simply appear or usually not well set Norton user community. This helps users to protect their data on the financial institution accounts, passwords, logins, and so on. 

Make implemented Increased network security - to protect against increasingly sophisticated online attacks with Norton AntiVirus, the newest type of goods Norton has improved network security, such as firewalls and superior features intelligent warning now record not only the reputation of files, URLs and domains, but in addition to the IP address.