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Supremo Remote Desktop Free Download

Supremo Remote Desktop Free Download

Supremo Remote Desktop Free Download
Supremo Remote Desktop 

Supremo Remote Desktop can be a free program employed to exercise remote handle of other computers via the world wide web. Unlike many other similar applications, Supremo is fun and convenient to use - simply get into the ID of the second computer where you installed the copy of the program, and operate the "Connect". ID is the number displayed mainly interface, unique to each copy of the program.

To the capabilities and options that come with the application Supremo Remote Desktop also involves:
• connect to computers located driving routers and firewalls without having requiring additional configuration for the target computer,
• automatic connection after a critical error
• included service connection encryption, shielding data transmitted 256-bit AES criteria,
• Securing having access to the program program code (required from both host and client)
• create an index of allowed and obstructed caller ID,
• Move files using 'drag-and-drop inch, reminiscent of the work of the file transfer protocol client,
• View the contents of the second computer in explorer mode, down load entire folders in disk,
• Integrated customer cottage
• the chance to connect through some sort of proxy server.

What's more, the application has a function to crank out reports (logs) of the work, which lets you monitor the system and detect any abnormalities. All the computers that have been linked up, we could write in the particular address book, accessible from inside program.

Supremo Remote Desktop is an interesting and effective remote connections supervisor, who should be considering both private users and companies searching for a tool to provide tech support team to customers.