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WinUtilities 11.23 Free Download

WinUtilities 11.23 Free Download

WinUtilities 11.23 Free Download

WinUtilities Free Edition is a free set of tools for cleaning and quickening the action . This module even offers the possibility to completely uninstall programs which can not be disposed of from the normal way.

Your second useful tool to be able to optimize Windows, whereby we can remove the Internet Explorer unwanted plugins and toolbars. Also, allows you to monitor the number of used memory, in addition to allows the administration of programs in which run at new venture. It also offers the opportunity to defragment your harddrive, in order to enhance the performance of your computer.

Another tool is answerable to the security of the system, in which we clean web browsing history, and a folder containing each of the temporary files. Also, monitor running processes from the background and, in the event that necessary, we be capable of turning them off. Guards the selected documents from unauthorized admittance and use, and allows you to recover accidentally erased files.

WinUtilities Free Edition even offers password protection of documents, photographs, as well as other important information. Searches for duplicate files, and also can create a copy of the registry system. Also, the software posseses an option that provides full information on the user's personal computer. From them most of us read, among other considerations the exact version of the operating system and also other necessary information about other base elements.

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