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EagleGet Free Download

EagleGet Free Download 

EagleGet Free Download

EagleGet is often a free and very useful program supporting as well as accelerating the download of files from the net. The application has been equipped with the advanced multithreaded technology that increases Web bandwidth, and thus increases the downloading of files online.

EagleGet supports 32 and 64-bit versions of browsers and most essentially HTTP, FTP, HTTPS, RTSP, and many others.. It integrates together with browsers by setting up these plugins, supporting capture as well as download files online.

Another advantage in the program is the opportunity to capture video channels from various world wide web portals. Can handle 720 formats, 1080p or HTML5 as well as saves movies directly on your hard travel. It is the best software to download documents, music, video clips, and other varieties of files.

There were also within the built-in batch, which allows accessing multiple files EagleGet at the same time. It is additionally worth mentioning the built-in task scheduler, monitoring downloaded as well as completed tasks and undertaking verification of the integrity in the downloaded files.

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