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Glary Utilities Free Download

Glary Utilities Free Download

Glary Utilities keeps your PC in good shape. The free software package fixes bugs inside the operating system detects garbage and damage Internet traces. This program brings a thorough and free toolbox on the pc.

Glary Utilities gives numerous maintenance tools about the PC: Per 1-click have a look at and cleans the application assigns the method database Windows registry, unacceptable program shortcuts, temporary files along with the startup menu. Additionally, Glary Utilities detects known spyware along with destroyed such unwanted pests.

As an option to the one-click model, you can use these modules independently. Moreover uninstalled Glary Utilities targeted programs, optimizes memory, manages the wording menu, completely damaged data, edit add-ons for Internet explorer encrypts files, discover duplicates and empty folders, data is cracked into arbitrary huge portions and displays running processes. All functions are usually accessed directly through a window. With assistance from very clear interface has all the functions quickly accessible.

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