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PCMark 8 2.3.293 Free Download

PCMark 8 2.3.293 Free Download

PCMark 8 Desktop Edition is really a free version in the benchmark measures the general performance of this computer. The application is fantastic for testing the actual performance of lots of desktop and notebooks (laptops, netbooks).

PCMark 8 contains five individual performance testing. These incorporate, among others, the analyze application (Applications), which supports to analyze the performance in the machine from the operation of installed apps Adobe as well as Microsoft (requires installing additional programs of each companies). Another practical feature is the chance to test the actual battery living in notebook mounted. Users can certainly and speedily check the actual battery living.

PCMark also has four added performance testing - House, Creative, Operate and Storage. The first is for the actual weak a desktop and notebooks. Test does not charge one hundred percent of just about all components, and only checks it's performance while in normal procedure, an computer. (web browsing, video conferencing, photography editing as well as writing articles).

Creative Function requires DirectX 11 and is made for mid-range PC. Checks your personal machine when an individual transcode multimedia systems files as well as testing of medium stressful games. Operate PCMark mode, that's, as the actual name suggests is made to perform simple office jobs. Test meant solely with regard to business personal computers. The last mode is made to test the actual installed hard disks. Supports SATA, ATA, as well as SSD.