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MultiBootUSB 7.2.0 Free Download

MultiBootUSB 7.2.0 Free Download

MultiBootUSB 7.2.0 Free Download
Utility means that you can install multiple computer itself or LiveCD distros during one USB drive (flash drive) using the possibility of MultiBootUSB on the selected operating technique.

The MultiBootUSB is suitable for pros, furthermore for novice consumers. It is well worth noting convenient user interface, all distributions which were set can next be removed because needed, it is achievable to completely obvious the USB travel.

Features portable edition:
• Works without installation on my computer.
• Do not prescribed within the system.
• Packaged in a file.

MultiBootUSB - was designed to be a simple tool that permits the user to run multiple Live Linux Distros right into a single USB travel. You will then have the ability to boot Linux from a flash drive. Currently, you can simply boot the Linux supply you want with the aid of this handy guitar.

Here are some key popular features of MultiBootUSB:

  • Kept up to date syslinux version coming from 6. 0. a couple of to 6. 0. 3
  • Added background image for syslinux.
  • Increased timeout time to 30 sec.
  • Added following distros
  • CentOS nominal.
  • Ubuntu Server.